Gain Weight Supplements


Natural weight gain foods

that also help in improving weight include milk and diary products, fruits like banana, mangoes, etc, dry fruits like resins, almonds, apricots, cashew nuts, etc. incorporating these in your regular diet, will aid in increasing body weight. Also it is important to avoid junk food and cholesterol, which may help in weight gain, but which is unhealthy for the heart.

Weight Gain herbs are FDA approved and in form of tablets and herbal capsules. Herbs mainly used will be Khadir, brahmi, ashwagandha, shatavri, shankhpushpi, neem, trifla, guduchi and others in combination form which will give u highly potential results.

These organically grown herbs are specially combined to increase weight AND Improve.



Energy levels

Muscle power

New jest for life

Symetrical weightgain in all Body parts

Fresh refreshing looks


Ashwagandha -

Tonic, Rasayan, it improves resistance power, anabolic agent, Increases digestion power ,relives stress.

Shatavri -

Cardiac tonic or rasayan, best weight gain tonic, best nutritional remedy, also a brain tonic, haematanic.

Yashtimadhu -

Very good nutritional supplement tonic.

Rasyan -

Good tonic, energetic.

Soonth -

Good appetizer, digestive, anticolonic, purgative, zingiberis officinalis.

Guidelines of weight gain

* Keep a food diary for a few weeks to learn more about your eating habits.
* Rather than struggle to eat really big meals plan 3 normal meals plus 2 to 3 snacks.
* Make meals a little larger or more calorific, for example, an extra slice of toast at breakfast; drink grape juice rather than orange juice; make coffee with milk; serve an extra spoon of mash, rice or pasta; be more generous with healthier unsaturated oils, salad dressing and spreads; always have a dessert.

* Have snacks to hand so you never go short. For example, nuts, seeds and raisins; pots of rice pudding, custard or yoghurt; cereal or cereal bars; milk or yoghurt, wheat meal biscuits; cheese and crackers; fruit plus small chocolate bar.
* Stop drinking non-caloric beverages. That includes diet soda, and plain coffee or tea. Choose skim or 1 percent milk (we want healthy calories, not fat, so avoid milk with higher fat contents), 100 percent fruit juice or sports drinks.
* Make it a habit to routinely choose foods that are higher in calories. Each meal should include some type of starchy food (potato, rice, pasta, bread, and cereal), fruits and vegetables, and a protein source (chicken, red meat, fish, peanut butter, legumes, eggs, cheese).

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise and activity will help your body gain muscle and not unwanted fat. To gain weight in a healthy way, keep bones strong and your body toned. Ensure regular physical activity for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. You can go in for brisk walking, swimming, cycling or join a gym. Take care not to be too active. If you are someone who is always on their feet, make time each day to relax. Remember that you need to consume more calories than you can burn up. As always, check with your GP first if you haven't exercised for a long time.