Natural BodyBuilding


Bodybuilding can be broken down into three rules:

1. Train Right

2. Eat Right

3. Rest Right

As long as you follow these three rules, you will become a successful bodybuilder. Are you looking for sound advice on natural bodybuilding?

Although we are fortunate today that information is becoming more inexpensive and widely available; we have become increasingly concerned about the accuracy of the information we find online. Many people seem to tag themselves as experts of natural bodybuilding. However, the amount of information seems to add more confusion than clarity on the subject of natural bodybuilding.


So let's start with, "What is natural bodybuilding" It simply means, building your muscles through natural methods, or without using steroids, growth hormones, and other prohibited enhancing drugs. The use of natural supplements such as creatine and whey are generally allowed in natural bodybuilding. But like other sports, there are ‘purists' who exclude the use of supplements that are not found in a normal healthy diet; even if they are currently categorized as legal and natural.

Before reading on, I want to let you know:

Here is the best guide of Natural Bodybuilding Advices that I recommended.

Below are the current and fundamental natural bodybuilding strategies, you need to keep in mind to build muscles:

1. Increase Number of Meals and Calories

Instead of eating the usual three main meals of approximately equal calorie for your proportions, you need to divide your meals into six to seven meals. It is important that these meals be of differing amount of calories. And since you will be working out, you need to increase the amount of food you eat in order to gain weight and not to burn off muscle.

2. Carbohydrates are Important, Not Just Protein

You need to think of carbohydrates and not just protein in natural bodybuilding. Carbohydrates provide your body with the essential energy to grow muscles. Hence, like other athletes such as swimmers and football players, you need to eat pasta, rice, potatoes and etc. for energy and to bulk up.

3. Patience is an Important Element of Natural Bodybuilding

Key to success in all fields is patience, but it is especially evident in natural bodybuilding. The impatient cheaters make mistakes. You need to commit long-term to a sound weightlifting routine and healthy bodybuilder diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins & minerals, healthy fat, water and etc.

4. Make a List of Why it's Smart to be Drug-Free

Write the reasons why using drugs, is not an option for you and the benefits of natural bodybuilding. You can even write a few names of people who have achieved success in bodybuilding without drugs as inspiration that it can be done. Post this list on an area which you can see each day. Like your career and financial goals, writing down your bodybuilding goals will keep you focused. Also keep in mind that like with other commitments you made to yourself, doubt and lack of confidence will enter your thoughts from time to time. Hence, you need to continuously re-affirm your commitment to natural bodybuilding.

5. Prepare Yourself Against Skeptics

Avoid being affected by doubters who may accuse you of using steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Unfounded accusations by haters are part of all sports and not just bodybuilding.

Other bodybuilding tips that are common sense but are worth reminding you are

i). Perform fewer repetitions using progressively heavier weights.
ii). Exercise muscles in groups.
iii). Have a balanced weightlifting training program and do not over-train or under-train particular muscle groups.

More advice can be found online but if you have enough information, the best thing is to have that physical check-up and start your natural bodybuilding program. Make that commitment and start weightlifting to achieve that healthy and beautiful body you want through natural bodybuilding.